Community comes first

Christmas Eve, 1906; Reginald A. Fessenden transmitted the first public radio broadcast. Soon after, radios became common household fixtures that created a new way for people to come together. Families and communities packed around the small device, tuning into a message or performance that connected them to a greater community around the world.

At Little Radio, we're all about continuing this tradition. Little Radio exists to create community. Our hope is that we've created a space where people will gather and connect with each other. A table is simply a lifeless piece of wood right up until it's full of smiling faces and clinking glasses. That piece of wood is now a magical place where we gain the thing we truly need; relationships with the people around us. Cooking delicious food, mixing charming cocktails, and pouring local craft beer are just the tools we use for the purpose of creating community.

When we say "community comes first" that means more than just creating a place for people to gather. It also means being an active, contributing member of the larger community that we're a part of. We believe it's important to give back to the city and people who have supported us through the years. Our ownership team has lived into this belief for the last decade, first through our sister brewery Wingman Brewers and now through Little Radio, by partnering with local nonprofits in countless ways. Whether we're hosting a fundraising event, donating to an auction, or connecting the right people to fill an organization's need, we love finding creative ways to use our company for the benefit of our community.